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The NFL is back! 7 long months I’ve had to wait but at last it is here. Week 1 is in the books. So many stories, so much opinion and so many great games but there’s only one place to start and that’s with the defending SuperBowl champions, the New England Patriots.


They started their campaign to repeat on Thursday night at home to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs beat them in the regular season last year but few expected them to win in this one. The Patriots still have star quarterback, Tom Brady and their legendary head coach, Bill Belichick. They still had star tight-end, Rob Gronkowski. They added speed at the wide receiver position in Brandon Cooks and they were at home where they never lose.

Yep you guessed it, they lost and lost big. The Chiefs blitzed them 42-27. It’s the most points the Patriots have conceded under the stewardship of Belichick. The other talking point was the performance of Brady. He finished with 16-36 for 267 has and no TD’s. Very un-Brady like and very un-Patriot like. It is week 1 though and there’s plenty of time for them to turn things around but still a major shock.

Them came the main slate of games on Sunday. You can’t beat an NFL Sunday. I was sat in front of my TV glued to NFL Redzone from 6pm right through to the early hours of Monday morning. I’ve got 4 more months of this. Love it!


Notable performances came from the Green Bay Packers who beat the Seattle Seahawks 17-9 and the Oakland Raiders who beat the Tennessee Titans 26-16. To be honest these two results are no more notable than anybody else but I’ve picked these two as the Packers and the Raiders are my picks to reach the SuperBowl.

Anyone who knows me and my love of the game knows that I think the Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers is the greatest to play the position in terms of pure ability. Others have won more titles but in terms of just pure passing and just unadulterated brilliance, I’ve never seen anyone better. It is about time he won another SuperBowl. His talent demands it. Can his supporting cast back him up? We shall see!

As for the Raiders, had it not been for the injury to QB, Derek Carr, they were a real threat to the Patriots to reach the SuperBowl from the AFC. The same threat exists again this year. Carr is back and looked great yesterday throwing for 262 yards and 2 TD’s.

So there you have it folks! You heard it first right here. SuperBowl 52 will be the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders. You can book that….I think!

I could talk about other games but I’m not going to bother. Week 1 is always so hard to predict and you don’t really get a read on any of the teams and how they’re doing until around Week 3. It’s always great to win your first game but it’s all about form and consistency and turning 1-0 into 2-0 and more.

As I write this there’s still two games on Monday night to complete. I’ll be back next week with an update on Week 2. If anybody out there has any questions regarding the NFL please feel free to send me a line.




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